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The Mavuno Advisory team has a unique talent and experience mix that sets us apart. Our client-first culture means that we work together to make your dream a reality, as soon as possible.  Our know-how, expertise and networks will help you navigate the challenging terrain of commercialisation and thrive through the dreaded 'valley of death'.



director + principal 

Tim is an experienced senior executive and CEO with extensive experience in hardware and software businesses, including product development, sales, strategy, operations, legal and fundraising. With a background in Intellectual Property law, Tim has recent experience in B2B software and dB2C e-commerce, including developing strategy and raising funds. Tim has launched numerous software and hardware products and raised significant investment funds into his own businesses. 

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paul hersey

director + principal 

Paul is an experienced senior executive and CEO and has extensive experience as a Director within PwC’s Advisory practice where he advised many clients across government, health, retail and resources in relation to governance, strategic planning, operational planning and process improvement. Paul has been involved in a range of technology product design and launch programs, including SAAS software and social enterprise initiatives.

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senior consultant 

David has a gift to concisely communicate big and complex ideas with conviction and clarity. His strengths are in strategy, ideation and future thinking. His background is as a Graphic/UX Designer and Strategic Marketer.  He has over a decade of experience building online and offline presence for brands, businesses, and communities. David has delivered a range of complex projects across a broad spectrum of industries, including NFP, health, energy, IT, airlines and chemical products. He has extensive experience in designing and facilitating large and small group training programs. He holds a B. Comm of Management & Marketing and his most recent graduate studies have been a Grad. Cert of Applied Finance at Curtin.

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Deeptech experts

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What sets Mavuno Advisory apart is our experience and expertise with the challenges of Deeptech. Rather than an aversion, we have an attraction to hardware. We love technology we can see and touch (ie. we like to play with cool gear) and have helped brilliant scientists and engineers turn lab breakthroughs into market-ready products and land first sales. In addition, we have well-rounded software development expertise as the integration of software is critical to maximising the value of most hardware.

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The innovation space can be a lonely journey, and very few people have the runs on the board to give you the expert perspective and support you need to realise your dreams. We love chatting about innovative projects and want to find out more about yours. So get in touch below and book a video call or coffee today.