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We're proud to have played a part in helping our clients' world-changing ideas take big steps towards realising their potential. Working with startups, engineers & universities to see tangible results and value realised is all in a day's work for the team at Mavuno.  We're excited by seeing new products that deepen Australia's sovereign capability become available to the world.



A brilliant PhD student, researcher and faculty member Stefan Prandl, took a fresh approach to the challenge of cybersecurity and developed a radical breakthrough in the problems of network visibility and DDoS defence. Mavuno was brought in by Curtin University’s Commercialisation Office to get Stefan’s work to market, defending networks for growing cyber threats. Like most IT network problems, it took a mix of high-level software and hardware development to develop Hyprfire into a series of products that were ready for market. We secured and facilitated commercial trials and first sales, then successfully pitched it to investors, and assisted to spin-out the company. Hyprfire as a newly established startup is set to disrupt an opaque industry and take the cybersecurity world by storm. 

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Vanadium batteries

A startup with unique access to world-class technology came to Mavuno to help them build their company, develop products, and, create a new market for Western Australia. The demand for clean energy is rapidly growing but solutions for large energy storage are lacking. In addition to its relatively short asset life, Western Australia’s harsh climate means Lithium battery chemistry isn’t a workable solution. Vanadium is a unique battery chemistry that in large stationary storage application has many advantages over Lithium, but suffer a significant disadvantage of being an unknown product. On paper it's miles ahead, but like any promising technology, the production is always much harder. Our mission was to assist Ultra by managing the product development to develop the most flexible and scalable platform for production. We also assisted with branding the company and their first product. We also facilitated relationships with first customers and early adopters, securing the first sales that are establishing Ultra as Western Australia’s first Vanadium Battery Manufacturer.



vector secure

An established and respected engineering house brought us a fully developed, unique chemical sampling product. It cleverly packaged lab-grade chemical analysis tool in a portable device that was and simple enough to use by non-technical staff. It was developed under a federal government innovation grant with one government department in mind as the first customer. They knew it had more than this one particular application and could solve a major world health problem. 

Mavuno assisted them in stepping to two additional verticals, and assisted them to initiate paid commercial trials with key clients around the world. We branded and marketed the product, reached out to potential clients and cultivated great working relationships. The first client’s application was severely impacted and delayed by the Coronavirus pandemic, so these additional verticals provided a lifeline to the project. 

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